Monday, October 28, 2013

KCW: Baby Raglan Dress (Another Brindille and Twig Patter I love)

Well Kid's Clothes Week just ended and I had a lot of fun working on kid's clothing projects for one hour each evening. I was able to finish two complete garments and get a lot of pattern cutting/taping done. I'm also half-way through a darling dress for the daughter. (I'm going to keep calling her that because I have no idea what we're going to name her anymore...)

This is my favorite project for this week:

I have every intention of uploading better photos of this baby dress. The style is a sort of oversized sweater that I will probably pair with some funky colored leggings. 

The Good:
- This Pattern. Plain and simple. It's easy, straight forward and absolutely DARLING.
- My fabric. Which is actually THIS jersey cotton blend from Girl Charlee. This new journey of sewing clothes for my kids has been full of knit fabric. I have absolutely no fear of knits and neither should you if you want to try sewing. Having a really cool serger helps, too, but is not necessary. Also, ribbing is fun. I need to accumulate a much bigger stash of ribbing with a lot more colors.
- I plan to make a few more of these with some funky color/pattern combinations with the pockets and sleeves. And in different sizes so the daughter can wear them a lot. I just LOVE this pattern.

The Bad:
- I only had one real blunder with this dress and it was 100% my fault. I was finishing this project up around midnight and was extremely tired. I was on the very last step, attaching the ribbing on the bottom of the dress, and I had completely zoned out. SO! The big seam which is supposed to be nicely hidden in the back of the garment is front and center for all to see. Unfortunately, I serged it on and was way too lazy/tired to unpick the darn thing and it's going to stay that way. Oh well!


  1. This is darling.
    Those pockets would be cute for a boys raglan as well.