Thursday, August 29, 2013

Free Articulated Doll Craft - PDF

So, I've been busy working on new products for my etsy shop. I've decided to really embrace my inner kid and start making craft printables/kits for younger people. I spent the morning assembling one of my Halloween Articulated Paper Dolls, and had so much fun doing it, that I decided that it's something I'm going to make more of them for my shop. (Think party themes, holidays, etc.)

To kind of kick this whole DIY/Printable PDF movement off for Galactytes, I am making a cute autumn girl paper doll available for free! You can download her by clicking the image below.

She's extremely easy to put together.
○ Bust out your favorite coloring tools. I used crayons, but colored pencils would also work great! (We also did a few with markers.) Color your cute autumn lady.
○ Carefully cut her out.
○ Punch holes on the little X's. This paper doll is designed for smaller brads, so I would recommend using a smaller punch as well. I have this set and used the 1/16" punch for this craft, but the 1/8" would be fine, too.
○ Create the joints and attach the limbs to the body with your brads.
○ Position your darling creation however you like and VIOLA! 

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