Friday, November 8, 2013

Creative Intiative: Week 1

I decided to join in on the Creative Initiative. This week's theme was a "free sketch", so I just drew what came to mind when I thought of creativity. I don't know about you guys, but for a really long time, I felt too vulnerable sharing the things I had created with others and most of what I doodled stayed hidden in a sketchbook in my bedroom. We are inspired to create by things that we love. And a lot of heart goes into those creations. I love this project because I think it will help a lot of otherwise shy creators share what they are capable of. 

I hope it's okay that I created this drawing digitally. One of the rules is to draw something in your "sketch book". I can do that next week, but 1) I didn't see that before I started this and 2)I don't use a sketch book the way most artists do, although I know I need to be better about that. This will help me use more paper for my art. :)

Be sure to check out the other awesome stuff people have created.


  1. Not to worry, graphic art is totally accepted! I didn't think to list it but you aren't the only one who submitted it this week and it reminded me that I forgot to mention it! So thank you for reminding me! It looks greats! Thank you for participating! I can't wait to see what other things you make! :)

    this lovely little day

  2. I love this! Digital drawing is one of my weaknesses when it comes to fields of art, but I'm practicing often. Lovely blog!

  3. It's a lovely drawing! And I totally understand the not sharing your art - it's one of the reasons I am so excited for this club!

    Andreea |

  4. Wow. This is really good! I'm glad you hopped on board with us :)