Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fantasizing About Fashion... Again

I took a break from my freelance work this evening (ALMOST DONE!) to draw some fun little fantasy outfit illustrations. I've been super excited about clothes lately (which is highly unusual for me). I'm sure it's because I'm sewing and realizing that I can actually try to replicate some of the style from my favorite brands without having to rent my shed as a living space or take out a loan. 

I recently discovered the genius Tina Givens. I instantly fell in love with the whimsical and yet simple designs she sells as patterns on her website. They reminded me so much of some of the stuff you can order from Anthropologie and Free People and I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. 

Try to ignore how inaccurately these drawings portray my

The top for the first outfit is inspired by a Free People shirt. I haven't seen leggings like those anywhere, so if I ever decide to make some I may have to paint my own stripes. My sister has some rockin' pants with vertical stripes and I've been in love with them ever since I saw then on her tiny butt. These mary janes (from UO) are on my wishlist, so I decided to add them to my illustration for that first outfit.

The second outfit looks comfy enough to sleep in... I bought my first infinity scarf today which is why I included one on this outfit. I love the darn thing and decided I need to make myself a bunch more. That's another Free People shirt, but I thought it would be fun to see how something like that would look layered over a Tina Givens dress or slip that was made from a light linen. I'm in love with the idea. (Not very practical for nursing, though....Hm.)

Anyway, it was a fun, relaxing drawing exercise, and I'll probably do more in the future.
All this sewing/fashion dreaming has me wondering about things like dyeing fabric, fabric paint brands and garbage like that.

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