Saturday, November 9, 2013

Girl Sewing

I have to first say, I had no idea I had been doing this much sewing... I mean, I sew as often as I have time, so I guess it just makes sense that the stack of kids clothing I am accumulating would begin to get rather large since I have yet to make something for anyone other than my kids, but wow.

I'm posting this to share the patterns I have been using lately. There is so much awesome stuff out there for toddler-aged kids and older, but the pattern selection is slimmer for infants for the kind of PDF patterns I love to buy. But I have found a few good ones!

1 and 2. Both these dresses were made using Rae's free Itty Bitty Baby Dress Pattern.
3. This is a dress from the Baby Basics Pattern Bundle from Shwin Designs. (I have a few of their other patterns that are for older children and can't wait to try them out.)
4. This is the Raglan Dress Pattern I blogged about before by Brindille and Twig. I am posting this one again because I got the colors right this time. :) Better photo.

5. Brindille and Twig again. This time the Baby Shirt Pattern with a ruffle added to the bottom to make it a tunic.
6. Brindille and Twig. Faux Pocket Baby Pants. Love these faux pockets. Also pictured with these pants is a little turban headband I made. There are a gazillion tutorials online for these, but I kind of just did my own thing.
7 and 8. Both these hoodies are from a pattern by Brindille and Twig. The first one was an utter disaster. (It's also the reason you might hear me call baby girl a swamp creature, because seriously, look at that fabric. Moss queen, much?) I picked this fabric up at Hancock because it was funky and on clearance. I don't know if I'll ever sew with something like this again. It's velour or something and such a freaking nightmare to work with. The hood is so off-centered because of how slippery that garbage was, that I don't know if I'm shameless enough to put it on my daughter when she comes. Version #2 (image number 8) with the stripey sleeves with the black sparkly fabric turned out much better. :)
9 and 10. This top and dress are both made from the Polly Peasant Dress & Blouse pattern by the gal over at Sew Much Ado. I would definitely recommend this pattern to everyone because not only is it incredibly easy to sew, but the size range is incredible! 0-3 month to size 6! I did lengthen the sleeves a little and left out the elastic on them. This pattern includes an option for a scalloped hem which I'm pretty excited to try in the future.

And in case you noticed, there is not a Geranium in sight. Sadly, I have yet to purchase that pattern, but hopefully that will be remedied before too long. It's definitely on my gigantic pattern wishlist.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm way impressed with your skills, but what really got me in this post is the cute DREAWEAR tag! Nice touch!