Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Preparing the Two Year-Old

I'm a little anxious to see how things will go for Parley when baby girl shows up in a few weeks. I have so many emotions about my little boy and the fact that he is about to become a big brother, that they are practically spilling over. It's hard for me to imagine loving another little person like I love Parley. But, I know I will and I'm so excited. But I am a little nervous about this adjustment for all of us.

Parley has been my best friend since the day he was born and I want him to always feel that way. I've read several articles and received sage advice from family and friends which I'm sure will help us through the transition. The more Parley grows and the more I see his personality emerge (not that it hasn't been full-blown since like his second week of life...) the more excited I am for him to be a big brother. I don't know a more affectionate person.

About a week ago, Parley received a very thoughtful gift for his second birthday from his darling aunt. She really nailed it with this one. She gave him the gift bag to open and after removing the tissue paper to discover what was inside he squealed. It was a cute little stuffed leopard (he could be a jaguar, but we're going with leopard at this point) and an extremely soft and perfectly small Mickey Mouse blanket. I'm sure she intended the blanket to be for Parley to snuggle himself in along with his new stuffie, but to Parley that blanket has been the one thing that keeps his "baby", the leopard, warm and cozy at night time.

Try to ignore the mess in the background...

Now, I bring this experience up because I'm pretty confident that this leopard is going to be a huge help in the near future. :) You see, Parley IS baby leopard's daddy as far as he is concerned. He tucks him into a little basket-turned-baby-bed each night next to his own bed and smothers him with kisses. He even pretends to share his bedtime drink with him. And "baby" must always be wrapped up in the little blanket. Yes. It's very cute. And not only has it really helped me get Parley in bed each night without much wrestling, I think it might help when the "other baby" decides to drop in.

I'm planning on trying to have something for Parley at the hospital as a gift from the new sis and doing my best to make sure he is still my main man. But I am sure grateful for tender mercies and thoughtful sisters-in-law who unknowingly do things like this for me.

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